Carmelo La Boy is an outstanding, caring Reiki Practitioner and is now running Linkous Reiki. Please contact him at 619-586-9793 text or call. His email is Jikidenreiki1111@gmail.com

“You hear this a lot, so here it is again. I want to thank you for giving me back my life. I think I have passed three kidney stones and went poop very well. But I have no back pain. A little in the AM, but not much during the day. I will be coming back and I have shared your info with many people. – JW

Ernie is a fabulous instructor. He has great ease and ability to teach. He lives what he teaches and is doing I recommend his class. I have learned much. I was skeptical at first but I have the actual experiences and now know it is real.– Gary

Excellent class! Ernie is a great teacher. He covered all the materials and gave us time for hands on practice. Love the bonding among classmates and the opportunity to practice with each other as well as providing contact information to stay in touch during and after the class. Thank You

Three years ago I received my first Reiki treatment due to a serious infection I had, that helped me to overcome my sadness and depression, to finish my two years of antibiotic treatment, and to reverse most of the pills side effects. As a result I decided that I will learn Reiki in order to help others. I took this class as the first step and I am planning to continue on this path. This class helped me a lot to understand what Reiki is and its principles. I really enjoyed the practical part of this class; however, I would have liked to have more theoretical training. I guess the theoretical part is covered by the two books we received and we only have to read them. Our instructor has a wealth of expertise in Reiki and he is really patient; also I like his calmness because that helps me to be relaxed. Thank you for this opportunity.

I was very surprised at the strength and power of the Jikiden Reiki energy. Instructor told us testimonies that really helped me to understand THIS Reiki energy and what it can do. – MS

He is a wonderful soul who is gentle, works with you in a professional level. His teachings, well done!– ML

Such a big heart and loving heart that’s Ernie. And he loves his work and is a credit for it. – A.M.

I am a Western trained Reiki practitioner level 1 & 2. It was my desire to further my education in energy healing. I located this course in the course catalog through SD continuing education. Having completed this course, it has inspired me to continue my work as an energy healer, particularly in the field of hospice care where I am employed .– MR

When I visited Ernie Linkous for a Reiki session, I was hoping he could help me with my habitual, associative alcohol use. The end of the day had become a time for cocktails. And although the alcohol use was not disruptive to my professional or personal life, it had become a concern from a health standpoint; it was also accelerating. Ernie got me into a meditative state I had never been. By connecting me to a familiar place of comfort and refuge in my life (the ocean floor during a huge body surfing set at Boomer Beach in La Jolla) I was able to use that serene place and state-of-mind to disassociate alcohol from my arrival home, and break its use as a habit. Diving to the bottom and holding onto the sea grass provided solace during the stressful time when one gets “caught inside.” Looking up at the rays of sun coming through the water connected me to the ocean and gave me peace amidst the chaos above. Now, as I transform myself back there when I sense the urge to drink (as a habit), I can reconnect to that feeling and be free. Ernie is a true healer; the energy he receives from the universe was passed on to me, allowing me to help myself.– Bob Sly

I recently had a full knee replacement. I had heard about it being a long and painful procedure from surgery through full recovery. I was certain that I needed the replacement due to experiencing many years of pain from arthritis brought on by over 30 years of playing recreational basketball. But while I accepted the idea of surgery, I was still apprehensive about the recovery and what to expect.

Through my networking group, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ernie Linkous, the owner of Linkous Reiki. Ernie is a very gentle and caring man who takes his craft very seriously. I know that he continues to study and teach Reiki and goes out of his way to care for those that employ his services.

Well, I told Ernie of my planned surgery and he suggested a course of action prior to and after it. I visited Ernie’s office, weekly, for about a month prior to surgery. The sessions were very calming and he was able to assess the condition of both of my knees. On the day of surgery, Ernie even visited me in pre-op at 6:00 AM, to administer one last Reiki session. He also visited me in my hospital room, post-surgery to attend to me as well. I returned home two days after surgery and Ernie came to my home several more times to continue my treatment. Always very professional, caring and gentle. He said that I was healing very well and quickly. On my subsequent post-op visit to my doctor, the bandage was removed and to their approval and my surprise, the incision was healing beautifully. It was healing smoothly with very little bumpiness to the scar. Ernie predicted that that was what was going to happen.

During my physical therapy, the physical therapists have been almost in disbelief how well that I have progressed in terms of my extension and flexibility. After only two weeks, the therapist said that I was about two months ahead of schedule in terms of my progress. As of three weeks and two days after surgery, full recovery leg extension goal of 180 degrees, was met and actually exceeded. (Full extension plus one degree past it) and my flexion goal of 120 degrees was almost met at 117 degrees.

I have been reducing my pain medication to about 3 times per day. It had been about every 3-4 hours. I also continue to ice and elevate my leg daily and do daily home physical therapy sessions on my own as well as therapy at a professional center three times per week. The professional care may be discontinued after one week due to my great progress.

In summary, while the healing power of Reiki may not be easily measured quantitatively, I am certain that it has been a very calming and positive component of my recuperation. Ernie’s knowledge of and facilitating the body’s natural healing powers is one of the reasons for my rapid recovery. It may have been one of the critical components as well. I want to thank Ernie Linkous from the bottom of my heart for his great services and dedication to natural healing. If anyone would like to contact me regarding my experience, please contact me at joelrohn@yahoo.com. Thank you so very much Ernie.– Joel

Testimonial for Ernie Linkous
With all the mentorship and responsibilities of a Reiki Master, I find Ernie Linkous to be one of the most authentic and genuine healers’. He is gentle, compassionate, and generous with his education, wisdom, and expert healing ability.

When you find yourself at a standstill in your life where you feel stagnant with no where to reach solace, it is Ernie who magically pinpointed the answers. I had been searching or a Reiki Master for years and gave up on finding the true “one” to meet and match my energy vibration. It was only when I gave up the search did one appear unexpectedly with the enlightened and seasoned Ernie Linkous.

It was an shining pleasure to learn from Ernie about the history of Reiki and had the utmost experience observing and feeling the energy of Reiki upon myself and my dear mother. My mother confided in me regarding seeing her physician about abnormal masses in her left breast area. I gently requested she see Ernie for a consultation. She agreed to do so and even agreed to a Reiki session with Ernie. Unbeknownst to my mother and I, he voiced with precision what was happening with my mother’s health including stating the exact area of the abnormal masses on her left breast area and also indicated them to be of a benign caliber.

It was a relief to know this for myself and my mother. Afterwards, my mother went through with her biopsy and the tests indicated no cancer found. Ernie is an amazing energy healer and I am so honored to be his student in the Reiki healing modality. I am extremely grateful to him and highly recommend him and feel ever so fortunate to be in his circle of healing mastery. – Belina Villanueva, MSW Wellness/Self-Care Coach Flow Coaching

“Ernie has opened my heart to an extraordinary healing energy discipline. I have been a recipient of this healing and benefitted greatly from it. I had been in the throws of a debilitating panic attack. The symptoms of this disorder was the inability to breathe properly and exert energy. I was cleared by the pulmonologist and cardiologist of any organ failures. I ended up on Ernie’s table and was able to breathe effortlessly the day after my treatment. It was interesting leaning about the history of eastern Reiki and its Western dilution. Ernie emphasized the importance of keeping the teachings pure by not taking it upon ourselves to share this sacred teaching to others and refer them to a qualified Sense
I thoroughly enjoyed learning the Gokai. What great principles to live by!

Ernie emphasized the necessity of dedicated meditation and practice in order to prefect the craft of recognizing Byosen. He showed us the method of pushing and pulling our hands to get used to feeling energy. He also taught us to feel the ball of energy within our cupped hands. He enlightened to the concept that us the universe’s healing does not come from us, but through us. We are but a conduit of this healing force.

Performing Reiki on one another was empowering and helped to build self-confidence. Ernie was very encouraging in his evaluation of our techniques. I would have benefited from more actual practice in class. I found the ritual of Reiju encouraging and powerful. It builds confidence and illustrates the concept of energy transference from the universe through people to other people. I am looking forward to experiencing more of it.I recommend Ernie as a practitioner and Sensei -Denise Chapman

“Sensei Ernie Linkous is a wonderful teacher.The class was thorough and I learned a lot.I feel ready to start practicing my Jikiden Reiki. “I loved the class, it was fun very educational , didn’t drag on , I have a new skill. I am grateful, thank you, Thank You. – Francesca Kika

“I went to see Ernie because I was tired and unable to focus. In addition I was having shoulder pain. Ernie knew the minute he saw me I had shoulder issues. I had such a positive experience and feel so much better. – Debbie C.

“Ernie is very professional, he went into great detail to explain about the treatment and how it was going to work. I enjoyed all the information I received, it was most helpful. The location is perfect for the work that Ernie does. The room is very clean and comfortable. I feel very safe and comfortable in his hands. It was very relaxing. The treatment was beneficial to my shoulder however my right lower back is still a bit uncomfortable which tells me I may have to have another treatment. Will give it some time & need be return next week. So happy to explore Eastern medicine in spite of being a Registered Nurse. Sincerely, – Rachel

“Ernie was very informative about what Reiki is and how it can work for me. He is kind, patient, and very knowledgeable about Reiki. The back pain I went to see him for was reduced substantially. His office is clean, and the atmosphere is soothing. I highly recommend Ernie if you are looking to set up an appointment for a Reiki treatment. – Abby M

“Ernie Linkous performed Reiki on me for one hour and gave me a good price… He is a Master higher and has many credentials and received his training from a Master healer in Japan which is where it originated! I was suffering from severe congestion for three weeks, I was 97 % healed by the next day! What a awesome experience! And I will definitely go back to him for regular healing sessions! He devotes his time and energy and mastery in helping people get well! He is very passionate in helping people overcome illness in every form! .“It was my first experience with Reiki. It was absolutely mind-blowing. The experience has left me feeling new, free and filled with calm light. I look forward to my new life ahead. Thank you so much!”
– BM

“Ernie’s practice is top notch. While on vacation I tripped over uneven pavement and fell hard on the pavement. My hand caught my fall and luckily my only casualty was my right hand. For the next week I was unable to clench a fist and holding my morning coffee cup was difficult. I visited Ernie and found his practice peaceful and inviting instantly. We meditated together for a few minutes and then he worked on my hand for about 20 minutes – instantly I felt at ease. Over the next three days I continued to meditate on my own, per his instructions. He followed up a week later and, not to his surprise, the pinched nerve in my hand was totally healed and I was holding a full cup of coffee without any problem. I highly recommend Ernie for meditation, stress relief, and his amazing healing abilities.” – J.H.

“I just spent a amazing two days in class with Ernie. He is an outstanding teacher . l am looking forward putting forth all of the techniques and information that he is giving me in my Reiki practice. I left his class feeling confident and secure in my ability to perform healings on others. I am very grateful for him.” – Michelle C

“Ernie has that rare combination of expertise, compassion, and spiritual awareness that makes him a great healer and human being. Reiki is a healing art that he performs well but it is his caring approach that separates him from others who are also good practitioners. I battled Stage IV cancer a few years ago and a large part of my recovery I credit to Ernie and his skills. I highly recommend Ernie to anyone who is seeking Reiki healing and can assure them it works!”
– Tom S

“That was a wonderful session. I am still enjoying its effects. I was astonished at how I could actually feel heat emanating from your hands, even as I experienced beneficial changes in my body. Those positive changes occurred throughout the session. Just one example of many: at the end of the half-hour therapy, I felt a powerful wave of energy flowing from your hands and around my head, creating a protective helmet. This was all completely unexpected, and undeniable. As a retired newspaper editor, I am a difficult man to convince. You have succeeded.” – Jack

“My 17 year old daughter came to a Reiki session the other night which was her first ever. She was having digestive issues which was causing all kinds of complications and stress. You picked up on this right away including her issues with her knee and ankle due to her demanding sports activities. The day after her visit, her system did a major cleanse which you indicated would happen. She felt so refreshed and her demeanor was so calm. She has 2 other friends asked for your business cards as they want to come see you because she talked so highly of her session. Thank you again and we will definitely be coming back for a follow up.” – DW

“I have just completed my Second Degree Reiki class at Linkous Reiki with Ernie and I am thrilled. I have learned so much and am so excited to have Ernie to turn to and tap into his vast experience and knowledge of Reiki as I continue on my journey with healing. He is a wealth of information as well an immense healing power. He is passionate about what he does and his mission in life is to heal and teach healing to as many people as he can. I am filled with gratitude for the universe guiding me to this man.” – Cheryl H

“Ernie is amazing, I would highly recommend him.”
– MS

“Mr.Linkous is a phenomenal teacher. I will benefit from the lessons I learned in his class everyday, for the rest of my life. His classes stick as close to tradition as possible. They are small so the students receive the attention they need. He goes beyond the duties expected of a teacher, & will remain in contact for any further questions or mentoring. There is an evident care and respect for the transference of knowledge & energy that he gives to his students. He truly cares for their greater & highest good.” – MV

“I took the holy fire Reiki class from Ernie level 1&2. I am Reiki practitioner already. I have to say I got so much more out of his class that feel so much more confident. For the first time in my learning’s I could feel the energy with my own hands. I look forward to learning as much as I can from Ernie. Thank you!” – CB

“Ernie is the real deal. He is kind, caring and very thoughtful. I felt relaxed immediately and found our Reiki session to be transformative. I felt a sense of peace that I have not felt in a long time. Thank you so much Ernie!” – Jody W

“Ernie’s professional demeanor and client focus will be evident the instant you meet him. He has years of experience and I would recommend everyone interested in his services to schedule a meeting and get to know him.” – Jeremy H

“After my first 30-minute session with Ernie, I left his office feeling so relaxed. He clearly explained what the process is, and made feel comfortable from start to finish. I would recommend Ernie to anyone looking for physical healing or stress reduction.” – Mick T

“Ernie is passionate about his work. He is very caring and genuinely wants to help and he does everything in his power to provide a great service. I am grateful that our paths crossed and highly recommend his work.” – Faye Z.

“I have never had a Reiki treatment, and I was a bit apprehensive. However, Ernie Linkous was great at helping me understand what Reiki was all about, and what to expect. A very soothing relaxing experience and my back pain was completely gone for the rest of the day. I will return.” – Abby M

“Mr. Linkous is devoted to the understanding of healing energy and its application in the lives of those he comes in contact with. A kind and gentle man, his intuitive approach is steeped in his love for humanity.” – Christine De

“Having known this healer for many years, I can say with certainty, you will benefit beyond that which you might ever expect. Ernie is a True GEM in this world and a light to all who come to know him. ~ Blessings to all.” – David W

“Ernie is a remarkable man I’ve seen him look at a person and tell then what is physically bothering them even though they were not conscience of a problem until he said about it” – Colin H

Ernest Linkous is a Master. Humble and caring. His work is sacred. The unconditional loving is palpable. I would recommend it. was exhausted all the time from being under so much stress at work. 15 minutes after my treatment I had more energy and felt so much better. Ernie is a very skilled healer. I highly recommend him.” – A.M.

“Ernie is a very gifted healer a caring and compassionate man, and he has helped many people in healing and also move forward on their spiritual pathway.” – Louise M

“We have known Ernie for a while now and find that he has a very healing attitude toward people in general. We are very aware of his main goal and that is to help people with their pain and put them on a healthy path. He is very interested in your quality of life. We think the world of Ernie.” – Stan & Allie