About Me


Why you should use Ernie Linkous for Reiki:

Linkous Reiki was founded in 2005. Ernie has successfully been treating people for over 24 years. He is a member of the following organizations that have the highest standards for Reiki.

  • Jikiden Reiki Association
  • IARP: International Association of Reiki Practitioners

I have professional liability coverage. I subscribe to a Code of Ethics and ICRT Standards of Practice. I subscribe to the objectives and regulations of Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai. I adhere to the Objectives of the Jikiden Reiki Institute.

I received my initial Reiki Master Teacher certification in 2005 from Cal State San Marcos School of Nursing Continuing Education. I obtained my Holy Fire Usui Master Teacher certification in 2015 from The International Center for Reiki Training. I am Certified to teach Shoden level, original form, of Reiki from the Jikiden Reiki Institute.

Shoden and Okuden, Shihan Kaku certified from Jikiden Institute, Kyoto Japan

I respect all affiliations and lineages of Reiki.

I am skilled and qualified in the following Reiki areas:

  • Shoden certified
  • Okuden certified
  • Shihan Kaku certified
  • Reiki Healing
  • Animal Reiki
  • Distant Healing

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